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Noho'ana Farm
Contact: Hokuao Pellegrino
Address: 213 W Waiko Rd Wailuku, HI, 96793
Phone: 808-430-4534
About Us
Noho’ana Farm is a Native Hawaiian family owned and organic 2 acre farm situated on ancestral kuleana agricultural land in the ‘ili of Noho’ana and ahupua’a of Waikapu. The mission of Noho’ana Farm is “E ola mau ka mahi’ai ku’una”, “Perpetuating Traditional Hawaiian Agriculture”. Developed in the 1600s, it is comprised of 12 ancient stone-walled lo’i kalo terraces that are fed by an traditional ‘auwai via the fresh waters of Waikapu Stream. Over the last 17 years, they have been in the process or restoring and cultivating the extensive wetland agricultural and breadfruit agroforesty system alongside their community, family and Mahi a Ola Bilingual Cultural-Ag Education Program.
Nohoʻana Farm incorporates well researched and documented traditional agricultural practices such as hoʻomāloʻo, hoʻokīpulu ʻai maoli and pā kukui. Modern regenerative agricultural practices are also incorporated by using specific cover crops, mulching and composting to retain soil vitality and improve soil health.