Pono Grown Farm
Contact: Evan Ryan
Address: 677 Olinda Road Makawao, HI, 97678
Phone: 808-269-9356
About Us
Pono Grown Farm Center in Makawao, HI grows fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs, plants & teaches land design & educational workshops. Our farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We build conscious community through connecting individuals to the land, creating a culture that grows peacefully and harmoniously.

Pono is the Hawaiian word for righteousness or doing what is right. We support our community to grow in a right way, right in the sense of working in harmony with the land, with each other, and with ourselves as individuals, founded on the concepts of caring for the earth and caring for all life on the earth.

We provide a farm center that offers our community the opportunity to come and connect with a landscape that is a model for living in peace by providing for the basic needs of food, water, shelter, and energy in a regenerative way. Through demonstration, experiential and classroom education, individuals have the ability to discover their conscious selves in connection with the greater world we are all a part of.
Production Permaculture is a term we created to define our operating practices. We utilize traditional permaculture practices found in indigenous agroforestry systems and incorporate them into a commercial farm system that includes orchards, annual vegetables and animals.

We spent 2 years designing the land before implementation. This conscious design has allowed the land itself to dictate our approach and be a part of the decision making process Our land design is focused on water conservation through the use of keyline design, contour plantings and water harvesting techniques that allow us to feed our farm solely from rain water.

Gluten Free, GMO Free, No Pesticides or Synthetic fertilizers, Better than organic methods!