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Udderly Sudsy
Contact: Krista Leili-Marrazzo & Zoe Burchell
Address: PO Box 1213 Haiku, HI, 96708
Phone: 609-477-0724
About Us
Udderly Sudsy was created by Krista Leili-Marrazzo and Zoe Burchell in 2021. After developing eczema in 2020, Krista found it difficult to find skincare products that did not irritate her skin. We were then inspired to utilize our shared agriculture experience to develop handcrafted goat milk soap that is safe for sensitive skin. All of our natural cold process soaps include nourishing oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil that will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated. We are sure to source our specialty additives such as honey and turmeric from other farmers on Maui. All colorants come from either natural botanicals or ethically sourced micas. Furthermore, we use essential oils in our soap that are carefully chosen to soothe your skin, instead of harsh synthetic fragrance oils. Most importantly, we hand milks goats to guarantee that each bar of soap acts as a gentle cleanser rich in fatty acids that help support a healthy skin barrier. We are driven by our love for animals and farming, and we are extremely passionate about creating a high quality product that can be used by everyone.
Although we do not have our own farm yet, we have a combined experience of over a decade in farming and managing livestock for others. Our long-term goal is to become land owners on Maui in order to practice regenerative agriculture. Aloha ʻāina is a central idea of native Hawaiian culture that we hope to be able to practice on our own farm in the near future. For now, we are happy to work for others on Maui that share the same values. We always treat all livestock with love and respect as we believe we share a mutually beneficial relationship with them. Udderly Sudsy is community oriented and proud to support other small farms on Maui by utilizing their beautiful and thoughtfully grown botanicals in our soap. We strive to create nothing less than a farm to shower bar that is skin loving and charmingly unique.