Ono Organic Farms Hana
Contact: Chuck Boerner
City: Hana, HI,
Phone: 808-344-6700
About Us
ONO Organic Farms of Maui, Hawaii is a family-owned and operated, hand-picked, tropical fruit, coffee and cacao farm located along the world-famous "Road to Hana", on the southeastern slopes of Haleakala volcano, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. ONO Organic Farms is Maui's Original Organic Family Farm.

Established 42 years ago, ONO Organic Farms is a 50 acre, family-owned and operated farm located on the southeastern slopes of Haleakala ("House of the Sun") volcano on the eastern edge of the legendary Hawaiian Island of Maui. Four generations of the Boerner family have been organic farmers in this lush jungle environment. Charles "Chuck" Boerner says, "The key to our wealth is our health. We have been growing and eating organic for over 60 years. I have been farming here since I was a kid."

All of the produce is hand-picked for perfect ripeness and premium quality to produce the best and most delicious ("ono" in the Hawaiian language) produce for both retail and wholesale customers.

The Boerner family and ONO Organic Farms is frequently featured in newspaper and magazine articles, popular web sites, and television programs, including appearances on the Travel Channel and the Food Channel.
ONO Organic Farms is Certified Organic by International Certification Services. *only treated with substances allowed under organic foods production act