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Hawai'i 'Ulu Cooperative
City: Kailua-Kona , HI,
About Us
Hawai?i ?Ulu Co-op (HUC) is a farmer-owned business working to revitalize ‘ulu (breadfruit) as a viable crop and dietary staple by empowering farmers as change-makers in Hawai?i’s food system.

Formed in 2016 with 9 small, diversified growers on Hawai?i Island, HUC has grown to over 100 member-farms on four islands (Hawai?i Island, Maui, O?ahu, and Kaua?i) and is now the foremost breadfruit farmer organization in Hawai?i. By working together, HUC farmers are able to offer consistent, high-quality ?ulu products that are delicious, versatile, local, healthy, accessible, and sustainable.

The co-op is committed to the revival of ?ulu to strengthen Hawai?i’s food security and to the value of malama ?aina – care or protection of the earth – by using environmentally responsible production methods.

Our vision is a thriving cooperative that sustains and uplifts producers, consumers, and society as a whole. Farmer owned, ‘aina grown—from our trees to your table
Our mission at HUC is to make it easy to incorporate more of Hawai‘i’s delicious and nutritious staple crops into your everyday diet. Diversifying our staples not only makes mealtime more fun, it strengthens our small farms and the planet’s diverse agroecosystems, and makes us more food secure