Clouds Rest Farm
City: Kula, HI, 96790
About Us
Situated 3700ft up on the slopes Mt Haleakala Maui, Clouds Rest Farm grows a diverse selection of veggies and flowers. Clouds Rest cultivates with a sustainable approach , using low/no til and organic practices to cultivate vibrant and nutrious products while caring for the aina

We have always had a passion for fresh, high quality and nutrious food. We stared with a few plants and as our passion grew, so did the quality and size of the harvest. We now share our harvests with our ohana, neighbors and sell to local buisnesses . Some of what we enjoy growing include : Artichokes ,mushrooms , avocados, beets, carrots, leeks, brocolli , cauliflower, potatoes, kalo, plums, and much more

We continue to be mindful of our impact on the land by pursuing sustainable practices . We rarely spray , and when we do its only with natural organic certified sprays. We keep our soil happy, by using low/no till proactices, composting and natural organic fertilizers. We also enjoy planting natives like ohia, sandalwood, kokia and more