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About Us
HanaHotties are inspired by the wonderful flavors of Hana Maui, where the mountains flow gracefully into the sea. The constant trade winds keep the air so fresh and clean, it’s no wonder the fruits are so happy! Our fruits are straight off the tree. The Hawaiian chili peppers, soooo hot—a perfect complement for these sweet fruits. We bring these hand-blended sauces to your table with Aloha to be shared with your friends and family.
The ingredients used in our HanaHotties Hot Sauce, Smoky All Purpose Rub and Hot mustard are not secrets. We used the best and the freshest ingredients directly from local farmers right here on Maui, Hawaii. We are not surprised that others have tried to copy our products. But they cannot duplicate our meticulous attention to produce these Gourmet sauces, spices and mustards.

We use the freshest ingredients imaginable and available. Our Organically grown Hawaiian Pele Chili peppers are handpicked and blended right into the sauce. These chilies from Hana Maui and Upcountry Maui in the Hawaiian islands are picked from the pepperbush and go almost directly into the mix with the tastiest tropical fruits one can imagine. These juicy fruits don’t spend too much time off the tree either, before THEY are mingling with the peppers.

Since we only use the freshest ingredients in our sauces, the supply of certain flavor hot sauces are limited to specific seasons.For example the Liliko’i (passion fruit) has a very short harvest period. The harvest period may last for only about one month. These exotic fruits don’t yield much juice; there is only about a tablespoon of fresh juice per fruit. So you can imagine the time, labor and the amount of Lilikoi it takes to make one bottle of our famous HanaHotties Gourmet Lilikoi/Guava Hot Sauce. The limited supply is the same for out Kuawa (guava). By the time our Kuawa is pitted and ready to blend, we lose more than half the weight of the Kuawa. So lots of Aloha goes into these sauces for all to enjoy.

What can we say about mango? Just thinking of Hawaiian mangos will make your mouth water. Mango enthusiasts know what we are talking about. The sweetness of the mango is a wonderful balance to these fiery Hawaiian peppers. It’s a marriage made in heaven. It’s a honeymoon that never ends.

Papaya, these fruits are magnificent in its flavors, especially Hawaiian papaya so sweet and juicy, such a nice mixture of flavors that can’t really be described in words. One has to experience the exotic flavors of this fruit; it’s a must for any culinary enthusiast. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have strawberry papaya in season; this is a special batch that does not last long on the shelves.

Pineapple, the Hawaiian kind is sweet, tangy, and juicy just perfect for our hand blends, and nobody blends it like HanaHotties Gourmet.

We use real lemon and or lime juice and apple cider vinegar. These are a perfect blend of our HanaHotties Gourmet Hot Sauce. Not only does it acts as a natural preservative, but it also enhances the flavor to give it its gourmet richness.

Another ingredient that goes into our famous gourmet sauces is onions, yes good old fashion onions, we use real fresh onions, not dehydrated, re-hydrated, powdered kind etc….We peel them, we chop them, but we have to stop there the rest is a secret. But we do use real onions, and it’s one of our ingredients that enhance the richness of our HanaHotties Gourmet Hot Sauce.

Last but not least, we only use a tiny bit of salt to bring out the last bit of goodness in our Gourmet sauce, the best Hawaiian sea salt.

Extra virgin olive oil.

HanaHotties Gourmet Hot Sauce uses the best ingredients imaginable. The use of nice, clean, fresh, real foods is a pleasure. No artificial flavors, no coloring, no added sugars, no artificial preservatives, no stabilizers, no gums, just real food.

Any questions regarding our ingredients please feel free to contact us,