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Aloha 'Aina Adaptogenics
Contact: James & Emily Stolte
City: Hana, HI,
About Us
A 2.8 acre diversified, regenerative, permaculture inspired farm located in Ka'eleku on the east side of Maui. We focus on growing high quality, nutrient dense food and medicine. We have 45+ different kinds of fruit trees, 7 varieties of bananas, kalo(taro), 'uala(sweet potato), 'olena(turmeric), and a wide variety of medicinal and culinary, plants and herbs. We care for 2 established beehives and have plans to add several more. Preserving our abundance & sprouting seeds are favorite pastime, we occasionally offer fruit tress and plants for sale. Our location gives us the best growing conditions, we frequently have sunny days and rain filled nights. We sell at 2 farmers markets each week, Upcountry on Saturday and Hana town on Friday.

Beyond organic. Rain fed.
We use fermentation to generate farm based fertilizers. Bananas, kalo scraps, comfrey, flowers and fallen fruit are regularly fermented and fed back to the fruit trees.
Currently we're implementing a deep mulch system throughout the farm, our focus is to create an ideal environment for the microorganism living in the soil, we feed them and they feed the plants. Additionally, we use compost, biochar, kelp meal, worm castings and Mircolife organics to bring fertility to the land.
We harvest and wash everything by hand, and take great satisfaction in bringing the freshest food and medicine to the community.