Quite Contrary Farm
Contact: Mary and Michael
City: Haiku, HI, 96708
Phone: 808-430-0401
About Us
Quite Contrary Farm is a small family farm reviving a remnant of what once was Hokulea Farm in Haiku. Our current focus is on the small grove of lychee. Thanks to the supportive farming community here on Maui and the abundant information available from CATHR, we are learning and experimenting with new organic techniques to improve fruit production and quality while limiting the use of sprays and fertilizers.
In addition to following organic practices, we are experimenting with using fruit bags to eliminate the need for spraying for pests all together. Our small scale allows us to adapt this technique to clusters of lychee. My mom has sewn more than 1000 reusable cloth bags that we individually tie around clusters of lychee when they are still green. Last year we were amazed at the quality of the fruit in the bags versus the ones outside the bags.