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Tea Hawaii & Company
Contact: Eva Lee
Address: PO Box 362 Volcano, HI, 96785
Phone: 808-967-7637
About Us
The founders of Tea Hawaii & Company are husband and wife team Chiu Leong and Eva Lee. They came into tea from a cultural viewpoint, and created a tea estate within the temperate rainforest on the summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano. Both Leong and Lee are involved daily in every aspect of the farm production of Hawaii grown fine tea from nursery propagating to marketing home grown tea. They advocate tea agriculture to help build an industry unique to Hawaii. In the belief that Hawaii has a significant role in furthering tea culture, collaboration with fellow growers, institutions and researchers has enabled Tea Hawaii & Company to express a new furtherance in world tea.

For the past twenty years Hawaii has been developing a tea industry that has received assistance from researchers at USDA-Pacific Basin Agriculture Research Center, Natural Resource Conservation Services-NRCS, University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources-CTAHR, and support from Hawaii Department of Agriculture, Hawaii County Office of Research and Development, and the Big Island Resource Conservation & Development Council. In addition launched a national tea initiative and international tea delegations.These collaborations have enabled Hawaii to create a sustainable domestic specialty crop for global distribution.

Eva Lee and Chiu Leong have extensive professional background in the arts that infuse a traditional yet contemporary approach in the servicing of Hawaii grown tea. This foundation based with artistic integrity creates business practices that form strong relations in global tea.
100% Hawaii grown single estate whole leaf organic teas. Harvested and processed by hand and integrated into accessible teas for the people of Hawaii. These Hawaii origin teas are from farms located on the East side of Hawaii Island with tea gardens ranging from 900 to 4000-foot elevations.