Kupa'a Farms
Contact: Gerry Ross and Janet Simpson
Address: 1886 Naalae Road PO Box 458 Kula, HI, us, 96790
Phone: 808-344-2817
Website: 1886 Naalae Road
About Us
Located in Kula at 2000'
Our micro climate allows us to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.
Our selection varies by season. For example, we select our different vegetable varietals based on day length and heat tolerance.
We have been using organic practices since 2004.
Kupa’a Farms Agricultural Practices:
From 2004 Kupa’a Farms has been using stainable, organic and regenerative practices to build our soil and grow our many vegetable and fruit crops. This includes using such methods as cover crops, rotation, mulching and application of compost.