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Haiku Apothecary
Contact: Briana Mabbutt
Address: PO Box 507 Haiku, HI, 96708
Phone: 808-268-8427
About Us
We are a small business with family, and flowers, at its core. Creating our unique products is something that each of us finds great joy and pride in. Briana has a BA in Botany, and a love for plants that goes back as long as she can remember. Ryan has a background in distilling and creates all of the hydrosols and many of the essential oils that we use in our products. Our boys love “helping” in any way they can, harvesting is what they do best.

The heart of all of our products is powerful & potent herbs and plants. Each of the botanicals that we have chosen to use in our products has a unique job, a role that they are best at filling. Some are calming, some are intoxicating, some invigorating, and all are deeply healing. It is these plants that inspire and guide us in the creation of our wildly natural products. We process all of our botanicals individually to ensure the best quality and potency of each.

The majority of the botanicals that we use in our products we also grow on our family farm here in Haiku. And if we don’t grow them, we do our very best to source them from other small farmers on the island. A love for farming & gardening is one of the main things that drives us. We believe there is something powerful that comes from interacting with our plants, and knowing not just how, but exactly where they are grown.
Each botanical we use is processed in a unique way, depending on which of our products it is destined for. For the salves & mineral deodorant dried botanicals are soaked in oil to create potent infusions. Our spray deodorants get their power from patiently produced tinctures of fresh or dried herbs in neutral spirit. These spray deodorants & our body mists pull their character from unique and lively hydrosols distilled in a classic copper still. And many of our products get a little extra potency and love from high quality essential oils, more and more of which we are learning to distill in house. The final magic in our products comes from a careful blending of these botanical warriors. The botanicals in each product have been carefully chosen to create something potent, lovely, and just a little bit witchy. All non-botanical elements in our products are of the highest quality, and whenever possible sourced here on Maui.