Escobedo Farm
Contact: Noel Escobedo
Address: PO Box 1083 Kula, HI, 96790
Phone: 808-276-7170
About Us
Philippine native Noel Escobedo came to Kula, Maui as a WFE intern with Yoshio Arakaki, a former WFE host farmer and owner of one of Hawaii’s premier sweet onion farms. Upon completing his internship, Noel returned to finish his schooling at Sorsogon in the Philippines. After completing his schooling, he was once again sponsored by Mr. Arakaki…and ultimately took over his farm.

In the past, the farm harvested sweet onions only once a year; however, Noel found that he could plant sweet onions every two weeks so the plants could be harvested throughout the year. This innovative planting process changed sweet onion production on Maui forever…and Noel became very successful.

Fast forward to present day and Noel Escobedo Farms has grown into a thriving business known for its luscious lettuces, tastebud-tickling tomatoes, mouth-watering mangoes, palate-pleasing papayas…and the king of them all, the much-revered Maui Sweet Onion.

It is this last crop that has earned Noel his reputation in certain circles as the Maui Sweet Onion King.

Noel remains grateful to the WFE for the many opportunities that have opened to him as a result of his participation in the program—and he is committed to giving back, by educating the world's next generation of farmers, especially in the Philippines where he provides scholarships to students and supports the agriculture community infrastructure, to help improve their farming practices.