Honolua Hot Sauce Co.
Contact: Cole Millington
Address: P.O. Box 12841 Lahaina, HI, 96761
Email Address:
Phone: 808-283-1496
About Us
Honolua Hot Sauce Company was born in 2020 after founder, Cole Millington, lost his job as a scuba diving guide due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. In an effort to transition away from relying on the tourism industry after seeing 70% of Maui become unemployed, Cole realized there needed to be a change. A lifelong fan of hot sauce, working in commercial kitchens, along with an education in Environmental Science and Marketing are what led Cole to starting a hot sauce company. Not to mention a huge love for Honolua Bay, where Cole frequently surfs & dives.

Honolua Hot Sauce Company is a company with sustainable goals and values integrated into the framework. For every bottle sold, we pledge 10¢ to local non-profits. Our current focus is the seasonal cleanups around Honolua Bay and the North-west side of Maui as this brings the community together and shows younger generations the importance of taking care of the land. While we are not perfect yet, the company is always looking to implement best industry practices as we expand; from supply chains and packaging, to permaculture and organic farming. In the future, we hope to have more job opportunities for local Maui residents and export products around the United States to help bring a consistent wave of revenue and opportunity to Maui’s economy.
We do our best to source from Maui first, Hawaii second, and mainland last. We are huge believers in building a sustainable brand, and try to reflect that through our business choices and growth.