zALAD Life
Contact: Igor Petsorin
Address: P.O. Box 81777 Haiku, HI, 96708
Phone: 808-283-6800
About Us
... Over the years of, casually, cutting the3ALAD, I’d tasted all kinds of veggies, while finding ones that rhyme best with my body…
I tried different styles of cutting them, mixing those with tasty garnishes, seasonings and adding 3ALAD to most dishes.
Results have always been interesting and fulfilling to this day – refreshing, boosting, light, healing… so much so, when in a zALAD habit (3ABIT), you can feel the body craving it anytime you think of, see or read in on its vegetable properties, with cravings amplified on your way to the market, getting produce there and, even stronger, when cutting up and mixing it. I had eventually realized that simplicity and benefits for this combo are bounderless, with new tastes and effects for each one of the veggies and fruits with every new cut could be discovered, plus, I’d found my best meditative states while making a cut in a process!

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zALAD vegetables come from our local farmers who are certified organic growers or use organic methods. Only 10%of these vegetables come from Maui health food stores like Mana Foods, Whole Foods, Down to Earth - mostly, veggies that are not yet grown here, in Maui, organically or are out of season.

zALAD is:

- a super tasty, healthy and immune system boosting vegetable combo
- an educational platform that provides us, Gen z in particular, with all necessary information for how to grow, harvest, prep, cut and become stronger in life
- a cut up and delivery service for those who are super busy with their career paths