the HI. mindset
Contact: Sierra Ondo
City: Wailuku, HI,
About Us
The sole aim of the HI. mindset Organic and Natural Cleaning Products, which is handcrafted on the shorelines of Wai'ehu, Maui, is to offer a safe, non-toxic substitute for the common household cleaners. Distinguished by our efforts to improve the islands that surround us, our cleaning products are completely biodegradable and non-toxic. A humble island existence, necessitates a more effective procedure for removing life's toughest stains.
Ethically Handcrafted: 
Our products are created in a secure, high-quality environment. Each of our products are made with consideration for your health, your body, and the environment.

: We make effort to employ environmentally friendly, completely quickly biodegradable, and non-toxic chemicals. Our packaging products are also completely plastic-free, cushioned with shredded school papers, and packaged in recycled, recyclable, and reusable cardboard boxes.

For Sensitive Skin: 
Alongside being safe for the environment, our products are also borax and soap-free, which means that their safe for your skin and washing machine. Having non-toxic ingredients also ensures that our products are safe around families with children and pets.